Turbo machinery

Loops turbo-machinery (LTM) team is one-stop control solution provider inclusive of design implementation and commissioning of reliable, high-quality control systems for industrial turbo machinery applications. We use leading third-party hardware and software products combined with our patented algorithms to build controls to your specifications, ensuring compatibility with your current control system. You can count on our digital controls and mechanical-hydraulic modifications to increase your system’s reliability and efficiency, thus reducing overall operating costs. Our corporation strives to provide you with the best and most advanced controls in the world.


Gas Turbine Control System Upgrade

Our systems are flexible,transparent and robust,focusing on our customer’s entire process, providing a true continuous control engineering solution tailored individually to each project. LTM provides turbo machinery control solutions to the Oil and Gas, chemical, petrochemical and power generation industries worldwide.

Gas Turbine Instruments Upgrade

Our highly experienced team of engineers develops and installs new and retrofit existing gas turbine instruments including the following:
• Redesign of high temperature thermocouplesfor old turbines (obsolete TCs).
• Design of new electronic speed sensing units for old turbines.
• Design of new vibration system for unprotected old turbines.
• Upgrading of flame sensing unit.
• Design and supply of new fuel gas skid as replacement of hydraulic with electronic governor for old turbines.
• New turbine ignition system.
• Lump sum turn-key (LSTK) solutions, as well as field instruments upgrading for auxiliary systems (seal & lube oil) to meet your unique needs. We can provide around-the-clock support to help keep your systems running safely and efficiently.


Mechanical Rehabilitation

We use experience, research, information technology, mathematics and statistics to rehabilitate mechanical parts including the following:
• Re-manufacturing of gas turbine fuel nozzles for old gas turbines (obsolete fuel nozzles).
• Re-manufacturing of gas turbine bearings for old gas turbines (obsolete bearings).
• Re-manufacturing of gas turbine blade for old gas turbines (obsolete blades).
• Upgrading of blow-off valve for old gas turbines (obsolete BOV).
Mechanical rehabilitation will give you complete control over gas turbine and driven units (e.g. compressors, pumps and generators).

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