Loops Automation is the supplier of the most intelligent metering systems tailored to the precise requirements of our customers. Our skid mounted solutions incorporate all major primary flow elements including turbine, ultrasonic, orifice, positive displacement meters to meet the clients preference also ensuring the most cost effective solution. As an independent systems integrator the Loops Automation is able to provide the optimal solution, selecting from all available metering and control systems products. Pre-fabricated skid mounted solutions allow better quality control and minimize site installation costs. Loops Automation always with customer budgets for meeting their process accuracy measurement.We are following the international standards API MPMS, AGA, ANSI-ASME, etc. for the calculation and arrangement of our metering skid. We have well qualified and experienced design engineers for design the skid. and flow measurement application engineers and process simulation engineers for sizing the equipment metering as per the property and process conditions of the liquid and gas. We have done projects mainly for Offshore Crude offloading system,Oil/Gas pipeline stations,marine loading and unloading metering stations,metering control & supervisory systems,liquid meter proving system.We have dedicated team of specialized metering project team with more than twenty years of experience . We treat each metering package individually and a dedicated team consists of project manager, metering engineer, piping engineer, stress engineer, control system engineer look into fine details of the system requirement to deliver a fully functional metering system. Since we do have all disciplined engineers sitting in the same office, it is easy for the engineering coordination for the smooth execution of the project. We do not outsource any of the engineering part/design part of the job nor do we not involve any discipline engineer sitting in a remote office. With this ‘all under one roof’ concept, we make sure that the entire team is available for the project all the time.


Liquid Flow Metering

Loops Automation to provide dedicated hybrid integrated ultra accurate efficient measurement skid technology in liquid applications worldwide using the primary metering techniques as turbine, ultrasonic, coriolis and positive displacement.
A complete assembly of equipment that is designed to measure the quantity and quality of a liquid. The metering system includes, meters, strainers, density meter, flow conditioning sections, valves, prover skid, samplers.
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gas meter

Gas Flow Metering

Loops Automation is an independent system integrator for complete metering packages.  You can count on us a reliable partner from concept engineering stage to commissioning stage with seamless support from our dedicated team of specialist engineers who have got many years of experience in similar field. ReadMore …


Loading & Unloading Skids

Loops Automation  is an experienced integrator of truck top & bottom loading skids with bottom/top loading arm and API coupler + adapter + hose. Also providing vapor return arm for control section we are providing branded preset controller (batch controller). meter selection depends upon the station flow rate PD meter or Coriolis meter. Digital control valve or set stop valve is an integral part of loading system. We are supplying unloading skids with air eliminator having high efficiency pumps mounted on the skid base. Also we are providing the provision for proving and Read More…


Metering Control System

Loops Automation provides special applications in Flow Metering Control Systems for both new metering skids and upgrade of old metering skids.
Due to ageing of existing metering systems, several oil & gas operating companies have identified the requirement to upgrade existing metering control systems (technological life between 10 to 15 years and retaining existing metering skids. 
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