Loops Automation to provide dedicated hybrid integrated ultra accurate efficient measurement skid technology in liquid applications worldwide using the primary metering techniques as turbine, ultrasonic, coriolis and positive displacement.A complete assembly of equipment that is designed to measure the quantity and quality of a liquid. The metering system includes, meters, strainers, density meter, flow conditioning sections, valves, prover skid, samplers,control system, flow computers, programmable logic controllers, metering supervisory computers, etc. data archiving, report generation, system integrity checks, alarm logging and operator interface for a metering system.Loops Automation provided integrated systems of meters, meter provers and control equipments,which are field proven in the intended application.
The following data’s used to design the measurement system in our own facility.

  • Type of meter operation pipeline, marine loading or unloading, truck loading or unloading aircraft refueling, defueling or dispensing
  • Fluid properties, specific gravity, viscosity, vapor pressure etc.Operating temperature and pressure,system maximum and minimum flow rate,maximum and minimum batch size for crude oil systems
  • Available utilities, electrical power/ instrument air,pipe I.D. and line pressure at sample point for crude oil systems,meter proving method.
    We are following the international standards API, MPMS, AGA, ANSI-ASME, for the calculation and arrangement of our metering skid. We have excellent engineers for design the skid. and flow measurement application engineers and process simulation engineers for sizing the equipment metering as per the property and process conditions of the liquid.

Flow Metering Prover

Dedicated  master meter skids

We are providing dedicated master meter skids. Protection against vibration, dust and mechanical damage during transportation and handling to be provided for all master meters.

Tank Provers

Tank provers shall conform to the requirements of API manual of petroleum measurement standards, chapter 4.4. each tank prover shall have a volume equal to twice the maximum volume that can pass through the meter in one minute maximum continuous flow rate capacity x 2 minutes.


Small volume provers, Loops Automation conform to the requirements of API manual of petroleum measurement standards, chapters 4.2 and 4.6.Loops Automation Small Volume Prover design is based on international standards and certifications including mechanical, electrical, instrumentation assembly in our unit.Mechanical Design in accordance with API MPMS Chapter 4.2 and OIML R119.

 Bi-Directional Provers Loops Automation provides  bi-directional  in design. Bi-directional provers shall be furnished in accordance with international standards. The volume between etector switches shall be sufficient to ensure the accumulation of at least 10,000 unaltered pulses during each 1-way trip of the prover displacer. The K factor, pulse output per unit volume used for prover sizing shall equal 95% of the lowest nominal K factor from the meters to be proved. The diameter for a bi-directional prover shall be selected to limit the displacer velocity in the calibrated section to 1.5 m/s (5 ft/s) at the maximum normal linear flow rate for the largest meter to be proved.Loops Automation also providing trailer mounted scorpion design bi-directional ball provers for mobile proving if small volume piston prover is not sufficient to meet the client station process parameters. Loops automation giving equal importance to mechanical, instrumentation, electrical and system part of the prover. We are doing design, engineering, material procurement, manufacturing, inspection, testing, certification, documentation and shipment to client site.

Fast loop Sampling System

Loops Automation providing efficient sampling system ISO, EI(IP), API and ASTM compliant for the process lines. Crude oil, condensate, low temperature hydrocarbons, refined products, hazardous liquids. Our sampling system is integrated to maximize the sample representivity and ensure the velocity exists to maintain homogeneity of the fluid. The size of the sampling tubing is sized to 1” or 2” . The byscoop insertion is limited up to the central third of the main pipe line.

Flow can either be returned to the pipeline at the same point as extracted or at a suitable point downstream. Cell sampler, flow indicator and isolation valves are mounted in the loop. Redundant sample receiver is receiving sample from grab sampler. Sample receivers can be removed to the laboratory where they can be re-mixed with a suitable mixing system prior to sample analysis.

Automatic Sampling Systems

Automatic sampling systems in crude oil systems to be flow or time proportional systems that meet the requirements of API manual of petroleum measurement standards, chapter 8.2. The sampling system shall employ an inline sample extractor or in a fast loop system.Each sample extractor and fast loop probe to be located at a point where the stream is homogeneous. The following methods are approved as a means to create stream homogeneity

  • Jet mixer
  • Static mixer
  • Mixing elements -tees, elbows, reducers, PD meter

For crude oil applications, the method of stream conditioning to be selected based on the requirements of API manual of petroleum measurement standards chapter 8.2, table 1 and appendix b using the worst case conditions. For refined product applications, the method of stream condition shall conform to API manual of petroleum measurement standards, chapter 8.2, table 1. sample extractors and fast loop probes to be mounted in the horizontal plane. The inlet of each extractor or fast loop probe to be positioned in the center one-third of the pipe and shall be oriented in the upstream direction.
The sampler to be paced uniformly in proportion to the flow of the stream from which the sample is taken.
Manual Sample Probe: manual sample probes designed in accordance with API manual of petroleum measurement standards, chapter 8.1, section 8.4.2 and figure 8C. The entrance to the probe shall have a 45-degree beveled, opening facing upstream and positioned in the center one-third of the main pipe. A ball or gate valve to be provided at the exit of the probe. A short open-ended tube or pipe with a maximum diameter of ¾ inch to be provided on the discharge from the valve. The opening of this tube or pipe shall face downward to permit collection of a sample in the top of a portable sample container or bottle. Each sample probe to be located in accordance with the requirements of API manual of petroleum measurement standards, chapter 8.1, section 8.4.3 and chapter 8.2, section 8.

Project Examples

LPG Custody Transfer Flow Metering System 

Design, engineering & Supply of LPG custody transfer flow metering skid with 8″ coriolis mass flow metering streams, on-line gas chromatograph analyzer & automatic sampling system.We used many extra safety features to this project. Valve leak detection can be monitored form control room. All electrical items are used to meet the respective Zone. We used strong structural members and full skid gratings are used for extra-long life. We promising a maintance free skid to the client. Also we are shipping in an extreme safe manner to the client site. Each skid is fitted with temporary strong structural members at the edge of the skid for full wooden crating like a shipping container and lifting is easier from the top of the skid, anybody can lift the skid for loading and unloading without using a complicated rigging and expensive lifting calculations. And inclination of our skid never happen at anywhere while lifting.

Crude Oil Discharge Metering Skid for Refinery

Design, engineering & supply of crude oil custody transfer flow metering system complete with coriolis meters, strainers& air eliminators, DBB ball valves, and digital controls valves & In-line sampling system.This was a challenging project for Loops Automation to make the Coriolis meter to read the crude without air bubble content. We provide the suitable air eliminator for the process flow and reduce the pressure drop beyond the client expectation value. We likes to integrate best brand of any Coriolis meters as per the client interest.

Crude Oil Custody Transfer Flow Metering Skids For New Process

Design, engineering & supply of 4 No’s of crude oil custody transfer flow metering skids complete with 2 x 100% (10″ Class 150#) multi-path ultrasonic flow metering streams & liquid automatic sampling systems.We supplied multiples of skids for this project. Skid designed for master meter arrangement. One meter can check with other one using “Z” piping configuration and motor operated valve arrangement. We provided flow computer and metering panels suitable for this crude applications. Our control system wing develop its software development and HMI design.

Complete Z Configuration Skid With Turbine Meter

Design, engineering & supply of custody transfer liquid hydrocarbon metering skid with 2 x 100% turbine flow meters with metric local readout indicators, design & supply of flow computer panel.This is one of our fast track project and have limited budget, our project team completed all the activities within a short period of time. Our piping stress analysis group is designed the “Z” configuration of the piping arrangement and pipe support on the basis of thermal expansion during the operation of the flow meter. For cost reduction we used manual valves upstream of the meter skid.

Custody Transfer Flow Metering Skid For Refinery Project

Design, engineering & supply of dual stream  turbine flow metering skid for fuel oil, complete with portable compact prover and sampling system.along with this skid we provided small volume piston prover for proving the meter. The small volume prover arrangement was fixed platform arrangement with hard pipe. We did an automatic proving program through control system. We used upstream basket strainer with suitable mesh is used for protecting the mechanical rotating parts of the meter and small volume piston and seal. So strainer is must for the application of turbine meter and small volume prover. Loops Automation is capable of doing all type of flow metering skids in all applications.

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