Why you like Loops Automation 

  1. Our Industry

Our right people and the right technologies develop our employee skilled that done the same way for a long time have a powerful impact on the industry, and we deliver our innovative instrumentation, electrical, mechanical, metering, control system and turbo technologies to our customers around the globe.

  1. Our people are our asset

We have group of permanent employees supporting to the management since the formation of this company.

  1. Our management is the care taker of the career development of the employees

The management is providing world-class training packages to employees inside and outside emirates.

  1. Our company respecting each and every people

We have all the facilities for the employee’s satisfaction, respect the rights and dignity of all employees

  1. We welcomes self-confident hardworking experienced Engineers only

Our vacancy is listing only through international news papers, conducting the recruitment process and providing market-aligned salaries. Loops Automation benefits program that promotes work-life balance.


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